My name is Mark.

I am a Creative Director / Visual Communications & Brand Designer with just over 12 years in the design world. That’s just fancy talk for I’m a rookie with 12 years of preparation work for your next project.

Being a native Oregonian and living in S.E. Portland, I have a keen since of that “Keep Portland Weird” vibe.

I’ve been told I have an unwavering eye for detail and an uncompromising drive for perfection. In actuality I’m just obsessive over continuity and compulsive over spatial relativity, (the space between objects in conjunction with their working area) not to be confused with special relativity, the theory proposed by Albert Einstein that describes the propagation of matter and light at high speeds…

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Guessing a 50/50

I’m terrible at guessing when there is a 50/50 chance involved, I’ll lose that 77% of the time hands down.



Magic Tricks

I’m no Copperfield, fire is no friend of mine.


Mac OS

Windows OS

Speaking to strangers

I like engaging in conversations with people. Most of the time I learn something.

Computer Overall

My computer game is pretty strong.


Feel free to contact me direct at:
mark.j@msn.com or tomarkj@gmail.com